Effects of 70% Alcohol Poisoning, Organ Damage to Death

70 percent of alcohol poisoning is included in a serious health condition and needs immediate medical treatment. This is because alcohol poisoning can cause respiratory problems to damage organs in the body which can be fatal.

Alcohol 70 percent is actually a solution made from isopropyl alcohol which is commonly used as a disinfectant and antiseptic. However, under certain conditions, 70 percent of alcohol may be misused, causing poisoning.

Recognize the Causes and Effects of Alcohol Poisoning 70 Percent

Naturally, the human body is still able to handle small amounts of isopropyl alcohol. But if the amount of isopropyl alcohol that enters the body of an adult reaches 200 ml, it can cause poisoning.

There are two factors that can cause a person to experience 70 percent of alcohol poisoning, namely:

  • Drinking 70 percent alcoholic liquid
    Some people intentionally abuse isopropyl alcohol as a mixture of drinks, because it aims to cause intoxicating effects of intoxication. This is done regardless of the impact on the body, including death.
  • Inhaling 70 percent alcohol
    Alcohol 70 percent is one of the main ingredients for household cleaning products that are generally sold freely. If you are not careful, people can breathe too much 70 percent alcoholic content in cleaning products so they experience poisoning. For example, when using the product in large quantities in a closed room (without ventilation).

In certain cases, products containing 70 percent alcohol are used by someone to commit suicide, by drinking or inhaling.

Although rarely fatal, 70 percent of alcohol poisoning can cause sufferers to experience:

  • Injury when drunk.
  • Decreased function of the heart and blood vessels, to shock.
  • Decreased consciousness, even to coma.
  • Brain damage.

In severe conditions, 70 percent of alcohol poisoning can cause death. Therefore, appropriate and immediate handling is required.

Handling Alcohol Poisoning 70 Percent

The handling of alcohol poisoning is done to remove alcohol from the body and maintain the function of the organ to continue well. One way that might be recommended by a doctor is hemodialysis or commonly known as dialysis.

This treatment is done to remove isopropyl alcohol and acetone from the blood. In addition, giving oxygen is also needed to treat patients with isopropyl alcohol poisoning, because patients may experience difficulty breathing.

So that you do not experience isopropyl alcohol poisoning, then only use 70 percent alcohol according to the rules and instructions for use. No less important, place 70 percent alcohol in a safe place and out of reach of children.

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