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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Prevention of flu

Flu sufferers will experience fever, headache, runny nose, stuffy nose, and cough.
Many people think the flu is the same as a common cold cough. Although the symptoms are similar, the two conditions are caused by different types of viruses. Flu symptoms are more severe and strike suddenly, whereas common cold cough symptoms tend to be mild and appear gradually.

Causes of flu

A person can catch the flu if he accidentally breathes in a sprinkling of saliva in the air, which the patient releases when sneezing or coughing. In addition, touching the mouth or nose after holding the object that is affected by the patient's saliva, can also be a means of transmitting the flu virus.

Flu symptoms

Symptoms of flu include fever, runny nose, stuffy nose, and headaches. Although it is the same as the common cold cough symptoms, flu symptoms are more severe and often attack suddenly.

Immediately see a doctor if the symptoms above do not improve after two weeks, or improve but then worsen. Emergency measures need to be taken if flu symptoms are accompanied by shortness of breath or decreased consciousness .

Treatment and Prevention of Flu

Mild flu can be overcome by taking plenty of rest and drinking lots of fluids. But if the symptoms are severe, you should immediately see a doctor so that you can be given drugs to speed up healing and prevent complications.
The most effective way to prevent flu is to undergo influenza vaccination . In addition, you are also advised to diligently wash your hands and avoid getting close to flu sufferers.

Flu Complications

Flu that recovers and then recurs and worsens can be a sign of serious complications, such as wet lung, heart problems, meningitis , or viral infection in the brain.

Flu is a disease that is easily transmitted to other people, especially in the first 3-4 days after the patient is infected. Even in some cases, flu sufferers can transmit the disease before symptoms appear.

The easiest way to prevent flu is to maintain personal hygiene and the environment. Some of the behaviors below can prevent transmission of flu :

  • Diligently wash your hands with water and soap, or alcohol - based hand sanitizers .
  • Do not touch the mouth, nose and eyes before washing hands.
  • Clean the surface of objects that are often touched, with disinfectant liquid.
  • Do not share food or use personal objects, such as glasses or drinking bottles.

If you have the flu, you can minimize transmission to other people by doing the following :

  • Keep away from others, until at least 24 hours after the fever falls.
  • Wear a mask when outside the house.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with tissue, when sneezing or coughing. Dispose of tissue and wash hands

To prevent flu, you can also get influenza vaccination . Vaccine is given to infants aged 6 months, then repeated once a year, until they are 18 years old. Vaccination also needs to be done by people who are at risk of complications. But keep in mind, influenza vaccines cannot 100% prevent the flu.

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