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Friday, June 14, 2019

This is the Benefits of Red Wine for Health

Even though it contains around 12-15% alcohol, red wine drinks have health benefits if they are not consumed in excess. Some of the benefits of red wine are preventing cancer and diabetes, improving memory, and maintaining heart health.

Red wine is made from grapes that are rich in antioxidants . One type of antioxidant that is high in red wine is resveratrol. This substance is believed to reduce weight , cholesterol levels and blood pressure, maintain heart function, and promote blood flow.

Pick the Benefits of Red Wine

Here are some benefits that can be obtained from consuming red wine regularly:

1. Prevent cancer

Research found the content of resveratrol in red wine can counteract and prevent the effects of damage to body cells due to free radicals. Therefore, red wine is believed to prevent and reduce the risk of cancer, such as colon cancer and ovarian cancer .

2. Maintain brain health and memory function

The content of resveratrol in this drink is also good for nerve and brain health. Various studies show that red wine can slow down the aging process in the brain, so that memory can be maintained.
Furthermore, red wine is also thought to improve mood , prevent Alzheimer's dementia , stroke, and Parkinson's disease .

3. Maintain heart health

Various health research shows that consumption of red wine within reasonable limits can help prevent heart disease and control blood pressure. This is allegedly due to the effect of red wine which can help reduce cholesterol and inflammation in the body.

4. Maintain oral and dental health

This red drink is also believed to maintain oral and dental health. Red wine can reduce the ability of bad bacteria to stick to the teeth. These bacteria are the cause of dental caries , which is a condition of the appearance of holes in the teeth that can get bigger or deeper.

5. Reducing blood sugar levels

Red wine is believed to reduce blood sugar levels for 24 hours, and help people with type 2 diabetes in reducing the risk of complications, such as heart disease and stroke.
For those of you who don't have health problems, consuming red wine can be done, as long as it's not excessive. The maximum dose limit for consuming red wine for adult men is two glasses of wine per day. While adult women are allowed to drink red wine at most one glass a day.
Although red wine is beneficial for health, consuming it excessively can actually cause health problems, such as liver disorders , heart disease, increased risk of cancer, obesity, and alcoholism .
If you have certain medical conditions, you should consult your doctor first before drinking red wine . Likewise if you are taking drugs or supplements.

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