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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

This Is Help When Babies Fall Out of Bed

All parents must be worried if the baby falls out of bed. If this happens to your baby, try to calm down and immediately take first aid measures before seeing a doctor .
Babies who start to move actively will often fall when standing, crawling, walking , playing, or in bed. This can make the baby bruise, get hurt, or sprain.

Help for your baby

The question that often arises in the head of a parent when the baby falls out of bed is how much the impact of the baby's impact, and whether the baby should be taken to the hospital immediately or not. Although falling out of bed can be dangerous for the baby, parents must remain calm when helping.
The following are things you should do if your child falls out of bed:

1. Divert attention and calm your Little One

If after falling or not finding cuts or bruises on his body, try to comfort Little One . Falling out of bed certainly made him feel scared and shocked. While joking and entertaining him, check the Little Man's head and body to make sure he is not injured.

2. Clean the Little One's wounds

If the baby falls and there is a wound, immediately treat the wound. Before treating Little One's wounds, don't forget to wash your hands first. Then proceed with washing the blood and dirt on the Little One's wound. Gently press sterile gauze on the injured part to stop bleeding.
If the bleeding does not stop, press the gauze slightly for 5 minutes. Then apply an antibacterial ointment, such as neosporin or b acitracin , to prevent infection. Don't forget to change the bandages every day so that the wounds remain dry and heal quickly.

3. Give cold compresses

If the head or other body parts are swollen or bumpy, compress the part with ice wrapped in cloth. Cold temperatures can reduce swelling and help reduce pain.

4. Monitor your Little One's condition in the next 24 hours

After falling out of bed or from another place, the Little One's condition needs to be monitored continuously for 24 hours. If after falling, the little one cries but then calms down and can move back as usual, then chances are the condition is not dangerous.
You need to be vigilant, if after the Little One falls out of bed, the following symptoms appear:

  • Fainted or unconscious.
  • Gag.
  • Seizures .
  • Hard to breathe.
  • Wide bruising on the head and body.
  • There is a broken bone or open wound.
  • Bleeding from the nose, mouth or ears.

If after a fall or within 24 hours after a fall, the Little One shows some of the symptoms above, immediately take it to the emergency room (IGD) of the nearest hospital to get a doctor's examination and treatment.
The above symptoms indicate that the injury suffered by the Little One is quite severe and requires immediate medical treatment.

Prevent Babies from Falling Out of Bed

The following are some ways to prevent your child from falling out of bed :

  • Don't leave him alone without adult supervision. Pay attention to objects around it, whether dangerous or not.
  • When carrying your little one , pay attention to the position of your feet. Babies may fall when held, for example, because the person carrying him accidentally stepped on a toy and slipped.
  • Try to use a baby-only bed , not an adult bed. In addition to the risk of making babies fall, adult beds can also make it trapped between the mattress and the wall or other furniture.
  • Choose a mattress that is safe and comfortable for babies.
  • Don't put toys on your child's bed.

Both during sleep and play, the baby may fall out of bed. If this happens, you don't panic. Calm the little one first, then treat the wound and monitor the condition. If your child shows symptoms or complaints to watch out for, immediately contact your doctor to get an appropriate examination and treatment.

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