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Saturday, June 22, 2019

This is the reason for headaches or migraines to appear during rain and how to overcome them

Do you often experience a head kit or migraine when it rains ? Relax, you are not the only person who experiences this. This condition is quite common . Come on , find out the causes and how to overcome them.

When experiencing a migraine, in addition to a headache, you may also experience additional symptoms of nausea and vomiting, more sensitive to light, pain in the temples, or numbness in the face and neck.

Reasons for Headaches or Migraines during Rain

Headaches or migraines when rain is caused by a decrease in air pressure or barometric pressure . This causes a difference in air pressure inside and outside the sinus cavity, which triggers pain.
The same thing happened when boarding a plane. Changes in pressure when the plane takes off can cause some people to experience pain in the ear and headaches.

How to deal with and headache or migraine headaches

How to deal with headaches or migraines when the rain is different for each person, depending on the condition and severity. Some people can take over-the-counter headache medications, such as paracetamol , to overcome them.
In addition, you can also prevent headaches when it rains in the following ways:

1. Avoid foods that can trigger headaches

The first thing you can do to prevent headaches during the rain is to avoid foods that trigger headaches, such as peanuts, corn, sour fruit, chocolate, beans, garlic, tomatoes, and cheese.

2. Make a note of the trigger for headaches

Another thing you can do is take notes about what things are related to your headache. For example, when it occurs and how long the headache occurs.

3. Eat foods that contain magnesium

For some people, eating foods that contain magnesium can prevent headaches when it rains. Some magnesium-rich foods that you can choose from are green vegetables, fish, avocados, and soybeans.

4. Manage stress

Stress is one of the triggers for headaches, including headaches when it rains. You can manage stress to reduce the risk of headaches or migraines when it rains by routinely doing sports and various relaxation techniques .

5. Prepare the medicine you usually consume

If you have had or have had frequent headaches and migraines during the rain, don't forget to always bring the usual medicines. So that when the headache attacks, you can immediately consume it.

6. Apply a healthy lifestyle

Always apply a healthy lifestyle, including drinking enough water (at least 8 glasses per day), getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly. Besides being good for maintaining health, this is also beneficial for preventing headaches or migraines caused by rain.
You can do some of the tips above to overcome and prevent headaches and migraines during rain. But if this complaint does not improve, or even more severe, you should see a doctor . The doctor will provide treatment according to the conditions you experience

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