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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Frequent delirium during sleep? This is probably the cause

Delirious sleep can be quite embarrassing, especially if you say something that is supposed to be confidential. Y uk , know the causes behind this condition so you can prevent it.
Delirium is a common condition. About 66% of people have experienced it. This condition is more common in children (ages 3-10 years). When delirious, you are not aware of what you are saying, so this condition is usually known from your partner or roommate.

Why Do Some People Talk Often?

Many think delirium is done when someone dreams. This assumption turned out to be inaccurate, because delirium can occur at every stage of sleep, starting from just sleeping until it's really asleep.
Even so, the type of delirium can be different. Talking like normal and reasonable talk can occur when someone has not been asleep long ago. While delirious contain chaos and unclear murmur can occur when someone has fallen asleep ( deep sleep ).
Although the exact cause of delirium is unknown, some of the following conditions can increase your chances of delirium:

1. Emotional stress

People are generally delirious when stressed , depressed, or anxious. The possibility of delirium will also be greater if someone is depressed.

2. Sleep Deprivation

The average sleep requirement is around 7 hours every day. If these needs are not met, brain function will be disrupted. This can trigger sleep disorders, including delirium.

3. Being sick or having a fever

When we are sick or fever, our body's immune response will increase, especially at night. This can cause sleep to be disrupted, so we delirious.

4. Take certain medicines

Consumption of certain drugs, such as antidepressants , beta-blockers , caffeine, or sedatives, can increase a person's risk of delirium.
In addition to the four things above, people with mental disorders in adulthood, people who consume excessive alcohol, and genetic factors can also increase the likelihood of delirium.
To overcome delirious habits, you can avoid various risk factors above, for example by managing stress , properly, getting enough sleep , and taking medication according to the doctor's recommendations. But if delirious already feels very disturbing, you should consult a doctor .

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