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Monday, July 15, 2019

Have a Pet? Be careful of contracting skin fungi or ringworms

Pets can be friends when you are lonely. But, do you know if your pet can transmit disease? Pets that are not maintained health and cleanliness can transmit skin fungus.
Be sure to check your pet with a veterinarian and also take it to the animal salon regularly, yes. This needs to be done so that your pet's health and hygiene is maintained, and you avoid various types of infectious diseases that can be transmitted through animals, such as skin fungus.

What is the Difference between Skin Mushrooms in Animals and Humans?

Skin fungus ( ringworm ) is a disorder of the skin that can occur on the body, scalp, legs, and groin. This skin disease is caused by a fungal infection known as dermatophytes .
You and your pet can infect each other by touch. If infected, you or your pet will experience itching on the fourth day for up to two weeks after exposure. This fungus prefers to grow in damp areas and body parts that often sweat. Areas that have tropical and warm climates such as Indonesia can also be places that make it easier for mushrooms to grow.
Actually, there is no difference in ringworm in animals and humans. It's just that there are several different symptoms. In humans, fungal skin infections cause an itchy circular patch or rash, reddish, with a redder edge and scaly middle. In addition, fungal skin infections in humans can cause the area of ​​the scalp or beard to become bald.
Whereas in animals, there are not always symptoms. However, usually animals infected with skin fungus will have thickened or hardened skin, there are reddish and circular spots, bristles become brittle and easily fall out, there are parts of the skin that become somewhat patchy or bald, and often scratching their skin. Animal claws or nails can become more fragile and appear whiter or pale, if there is fungus in the area.
Skin fungus can spread from animal to human or vice versa. You will be more easily infected with ringworm if you often sleep together with your pet . In addition, items that are touched by pets can also spread this fungal infection.
Not only transmitted through pets, skin fungus is also easily transmitted from human to human. This is because mushrooms of this type can last long in places such as public dressing rooms, as well as personal items such as combs, hats, towels, or make-up brushes.
This disease is very easy to attack small children, the elderly, and people with low endurance . If you have pets such as dogs and cats, you must be careful if there are any of the above symptoms in your pet. In addition to dogs and cats, farm animals such as cattle, goats, pigs and horses can also contract this skin fungus.

How to get infected with skin fungus from pets

Before buying or adopting a pet, it's a good idea to look at the condition of the animal's health. Also, make sure the pet shop that you visit also has a good reputation, and routinely gives vaccines to the animals.

Here are some prevention tips so that you don't contract skin fungus from your pet:

  • Routinely giving vaccines to animals, to reduce the risk of animals becoming infected with diseases that can spread to you and others.
  • Provide nutritious food and clean drinking water. Don't let your pet drink water from the toilet, because various types of infections can spread through saliva, urine, and feces.
  • Limit pet contact with wild animals outside the home.
  • Wash your hands with soap and warm water, after touching a pet.
  • Use a mask and gloves when cleaning the cage and removing animal waste.
  • Avoid kissing or touching animals in the mouth.
  • Don't share food with pets.
  • Clean every corner of the room in the house, especially the area frequented by pets Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the surface of the floor as well as objects in the room from fur or flakes of animal skin that is still attached.

In addition to maintaining the cleanliness of the house, circulation and the air condition in the house also need to be considered, because mushrooms can easily grow in places that are cold and damp.
You can do the various methods above so that you do not contract skin fungus from your pet. If you experience symptoms of a skin fungal infection ( ringworm ), you should consult your doctor to make sure.

 Generally, fungal skin infections can be treated using ointments or creams, including those containing ketoconazole , which are sold freely in pharmacies or drug stores. But if the condition is severe, the doctor may recommend additional antifungal drugs in oral form (oral medication).

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