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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Learn the benefits of ice water to lose weight

Many benefits can be obtained from consuming water, including ice water. In addition to refreshing, drinking cold water or ice water is believed to reduce weight and facilitate the digestive system.
Water is needed by all cells, tissues, and organs in the body to function properly. Drinking enough water is also important to prevent dehydration . In addition, drinking lots of water or ice water before meals will make you quickly full and eat less, so that weight can go down.

Ice water is also good to consume when exercising because it can help cool the body. This effect allows you to exercise longer, so that even more calories burned.

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Drinking ice water makes the body work harder to warm the water that enters the body, by burning calories to increase the body's metabolism . To help reduce weight, you are encouraged to drink one glass of water or ice water before eating.
A study showed that routinely drinking 0.5 liters of water half an hour before meals can make the body lose about 44% of its initial body weight. However, this effect does not have a large effect on the composition of body fat tissue in the long run.
In other words, the effectiveness of the benefits of ice water to lose weight still needs to be studied further.

Tips for Eating Healthy Ice Water

Water or ice water is indeed a healthy and inexpensive choice, because it does not contain calories and is sugar free. Water is considered healthier than sugary drinks that contain sugar or artificial sweeteners , because additional sweeteners can damage teeth and increase body weight if often drunk.
If you are tired of consuming fresh water, try making ice water into an infused water , by soaking lemon, lime, watermelon, or cucumber in it. In addition, you can also mix mineral water with 100 percent pure juice, to make fresh and low-calorie drinks.
Although water is good for health, it is recommended not to drink too much water or ice water, especially if you suffer from heart disease , high blood pressure , or swelling of the feet.
Ice water is indeed believed to be able to lose weight. However, to achieve the desired weight, you still need to exercise regularly, eat healthy foods , such as fruits and vegetables, and stay away from sweet foods and drinks, as well as fatty foods.
If necessary, you can consult a nutrition specialist about healthy eating according to your health condition.

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