Mother, Here's How to Overcome Leucorrhoea in Babies

When changing a baby's diaper, suddenly there are spots of vaginal discharge ? This will certainly make Mother worried. But, don't hurry panic , Bun! Come on , find out about the causes and ways to deal with vaginal discharge in infants.
Leucorrhoea in a baby girl is normal. Leucorrhoea is caused by high levels of maternal hormones during pregnancy. The pregnancy hormone from the mother can penetrate the placenta and enter the baby's body, thus triggering the discharge of white fluid or commonly called vaginal discharge.
Leucorrhoea that comes out of the baby's vagina can be clear like egg white or there is little blood. Sometimes this normal vaginal discharge is also accompanied by a swollen vagina in the baby.

Ways to Overcome Leucorrhoea in Babies

Basically leucorrhoea in a baby usually disappears by itself after he is 10 days old and does not require special care. If you see there is vaginal discharge in your vagina, you need to wipe it using wet wipes that are free of perfume and alcohol. Make sure the mother wipes it from the front of the vagina to the anus.
In addition, you need to maintain the cleanliness of the little sex area. To treat baby's vaginal hygiene, there are several ways that can be done, namely:

  • If the baby defecates before taking a shower, clean the dirt first. If the stool is on the lips of the vagina, clean the part slowly, using cotton, soft cloth that has been moistened with water, or wet tissue that is free of perfume and alcohol.
  • Apply cotton, soft cloth, or wet tissue slowly from the vagina to the anus, along the folds in the baby's vital organs. Don't forget to clean all sides around the vaginal lips, too,
  • Rinse the baby's vagina with warm water slowly, along the folds of vital organs. This is useful to prevent the entry of infectious bacteria into the vagina.
  • After the baby's vagina is cleaned, pat it with a towel or a clean cloth to dry it.

You should not use antibacterial soap or cleaning products at all to clean the baby's vagina, because it can cause vaginal irritation. In addition, you need to be very careful when cleaning the vagina, so as not to cause injury.
Leucorrhoea in infants is a normal thing and does not need to make Mother worry. However, you should immediately check your child to the pediatrician if the vaginal discharge occurs more than two weeks, accompanied by fever or a foul odor from the vagina, because this can indicate an infection.

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