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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Mother, Here's the Trick for Children to Eat Vegetables

Not a few children who do not like to eat vegetables . In fact, in vegetables there are many important nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and water , which are needed to support children's growth and development , and help protect them from disease. Want to know how to work around this?
Every parent would want their children's nutritional needs to be fulfilled, including vitamins, minerals, and fiber that are widely found in vegetables. But unfortunately, children almost always refuse to eat vegetables. If scolded or forced, the child will only be more rebellious and hate vegetables.

Calm down, Bun, persuading the Little One to want to eat vegetables does need a special strategy. There are ways you can try to get your child interested in eating vegetables.

Seven Tips for Your Little One to Eat Vegetables

Children aged 4-8 years need to consume 2 to 4 servings of vegetables every day. This vegetable intake can be obtained by consuming a glass of tomato juice , a bowl of spinach, two cut carrots, a bowl of boiled sweet potatoes, a glass of green beans , or a bowl of pipile corn.
The thing to note is the way it is given. If your little one has a hard time eating vegetables, you can try these methods:

1. Invite him to join in choosing and processing vegetables

Let the little one choose the vegetables that attract his attention, when shopping at a supermarket or market. Ask your little one to help wash and cut vegetables, then involve him when you cook. That way, he will proudly eat the vegetables he has chosen and processed himself.

2. Combine vegetables with children's favorite foods

Little one likes pizza, fried rice or sausages? Come on , mix vegetables in your favorite food. Children may not like to eat vegetables that are boiled or steamed because they taste bitter or tasteless. But if combined with a child's favorite food, vegetables will taste better and children will probably like it.
The mother can give cheese or yogurt sauce as a companion to the little vegetable menu. You can also invite your little one to make pizza with a sprinkling of vegetables that have been cut into small pieces; or make soup by mixing vegetables, such as carrots and broccoli, with meatballs, chicken meat or sausages.
While for children who are toddlers, Mother can provide porridge with a mixture of vegetables and other ingredients, such as chicken, macaroni, or cheese, so that it tastes good.

3. Create with vegetables

Invite your little one to be creative with vegetables, for example making animal shapes on rice using vegetable pieces, such as carrots, tomatoes, or seaweed . You can also cut potatoes and carrots using special prints with funny shapes.

4. Try and keep going

If at this time the Little One doesn't want to eat certain vegetables, he or she will not necessarily like the vegetable, you know , Bun. Children may need to try a new type of food several times before they start to like it.
So, try offering and give the vegetables again to your little one next time. But, give it in small portions first, Mother.

5. Praise the child if you have eaten vegetables

As a form of appreciation and to encourage children, don't forget to give praise every time a child has consumed vegetables. But remember, don't give children unhealthy food as a gift because they want to eat vegetables.
If you say, "If the spinach runs out, you can eat french fries ," so your little one will become more interested in fries than spinach. In the future, he will still choose unhealthy foods .

6. Invite a friend who likes to eat vegetables to eat together

Children may be motivated to eat vegetables when he sees his friends also eat vegetables. So, occasionally invite your little friend who likes to eat vegetables to eat together.

7. Give an example

Of course the child will not be interested in eating vegetables if he sees his father and mother also do not like to eat vegetables. So, if you want to get used to eating little vegetables, make sure Mother and Father are also used to eating vegetables. After that, give an example to the Little One.
Now , you don't need to be confused anymore to take your kids to eat vegetables, huh. Especially now that there are many vegetable-processed recipes for children that you can try, so that your little one is not bored. By doing the various tips above and making a variety of delicious vegetable dishes, over time the Little One will definitely like to eat vegetables.

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