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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Organic Milk to Achieve the Optimal Weight of Children

One healthy solution to help children have optimal weight is to supplement their nutritional intake. This can be done by giving organic milk to children. According to research, some types of nutrients in organic milk have higher levels than ordinary milk.
Organic milk is milk from dairy cows that are naturally bred, without injections of growth hormones, antibiotics, or other drugs. Organic milk is considered safer and healthier because it is produced by cows consuming pesticide-free grass.

Content of Organic Milk to Achieve Optimal Child Weight

Like ordinary milk, organic milk also contains protein, carbohydrates, fat, calcium, iron, vitamin D, vitamin E, and water. But in organic milk, there are two types of nutrients with higher levels than ordinary milk. This can support an optimal increase in a child's weight.
The two nutrients in question are:


Milk is very good for consumption by children who do not get enough fat and calorie intake, for example because children are difficult to eat or like to pick food. Not only for children who are underweight , healthy children can also drink organic milk because the fat in them is healthy fat, including omega-3 and 6 fatty acids.


In helping to achieve optimal body weight, protein works by optimizing the growth of various body tissues, including muscles, bones, and body organs. That is why, the higher the level of protein in milk, the better the milk is to support achieving optimal weight for the Little One.
Although organic milk has an important role in helping to achieve more optimal weight, keep in mind that milk is only a complementary nutrient and not the main intake to gain less weight for a child's weight.
In order for the Little One to have a healthy and optimal weight, you need to apply a balanced nutritious diet. Don't just focus on the amount of food, but also pay attention to the nutritional value and quality of the food. As a complement to nutrition and a calorie enhancer, you can add organic milk to your little one's diet.
In addition, you also need to know that to achieve optimal weight there are rules. Child's weight gain will be healthier if done slowly and gradually. Keep track of your Little Body's weight by weighing it regularly at Posyandu, Puskesmas, or in a doctor's office.
Given the problem of lack of weight can be caused by various things, including the presence of certain diseases, you should consult a doctor if your child's weight does not go optimally even though food intake and nutrition is sufficient.

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