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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

This is the Benefits of Black Coffee Consumption and its Side Effects for Health

Besides having benefits, black coffee actually also has side effects for the health of the body, especially if consumed in excess. Then, what are the benefits and side effects of consuming black coffee? See the following explanation .
For some people, eating a cup of coffee in the morning has become a routine habit every day. Black coffee is chosen because of its distinctive taste and stimulant effects that can make people feel energized and eager to move.

Although it has health benefits, this drink also has side effects. Not a few people who complain of heart palpitations or difficulty sleeping after drinking black coffee, especially if the amount of coffee drunk too much. In addition, in some people, black coffee can also cause bloating and pain in the pit of the stomach.

Benefits of Eating Black Coffee

Many studies have been conducted to find out the benefits of black coffee for health. The following are the various benefits of black coffee that you need to know:

1. Prevent depression

A study found that in black coffee contained antidepressants that were able to prevent depression . In addition, people who regularly consume black coffee are also more likely to avoid the risk of suicide due to depression.

2. Improve memory

Besides making you more alert, caffeine in coffee can improve your memory. Research found that caffeine can increase the brain's ability to store long-term memory.

3. Prevent a decrease in brain function

Eating black coffee can also reduce the risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and Parkinson's disease .
Some studies have found a link between caffeine consumption in the long term and the risk of neurodegenerative disease. This is supported by the results of other studies that reveal that consumption of caffeine can slow the process of decreasing brain function due to aging.

4. Lose weight

Caffeine contained in black coffee can stimulate the body's metabolism so that it will help the fat burning process. In addition to increasing fat burning, black coffee can also help the process of weight loss by reducing appetite.

5. Prevent type 2 diabetes

Another benefit of consuming black coffee is reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes . Because the caffeine contained in coffee can increase the body's sensitivity to insulin.
Not only that, the caffeine content in coffee can also reduce the risk of heart disease. The reduced risk of the appearance of these two diseases is related to the chlorogenic acid content contained in caffeine.

Side Effects of Eating Black Coffee

If consumed within reasonable limits, black coffee can indeed provide many health benefits. But if consumed in excess, black coffee can actually cause a variety of side effects that interfere with health.

The following are some of the side effects that can arise from consuming black coffee excessively:

1. Sleeplessness

If consumed in excess black coffee can cause you to have difficulty sleeping. Lack of sleep will reduce your alertness and performance during the day. Therefore, limit your intake of black coffee so that it doesn't interfere with your rest time at night.

2. Restlessness

Anxiety or anxiety can also arise when you consume black coffee excessively. Because the caffeine contained in coffee can prevent the release of the hormone adenosine (fatigue hormone) in the brain, making it difficult for you to feel calm and rest.

3. Abdominal pain

Black coffee has a laxative effect and stimulates the release of stomach acid, so that if consumed excessively, it can cause stomach pain. In addition, excessive black coffee consumption can also worsen the condition of gastric acid (GERD) , which will cause complaints in the form of heartburn.

4. Heart palpitations

Another side effect that can arise from consuming too much black coffee is a heart palpitations. Caffeine in black coffee will stimulate the heart to beat faster. To prevent this, you need to limit consumption of black coffee.

In general, the safe limit of coffee consumption for adult men and women is 4 cups per day, with a caffeine content of around 400 mg. While for pregnant women, the limit of consumption of safe coffee is only 2 cups per day, with caffeine content not exceeding 200 mg.
To take advantage and avoid the side effects of consuming black coffee, you are advised to consume it within reasonable limits. But if you have a special health condition, you should first consult a doctor to find out the limits in consuming black coffee according to your condition.

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