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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

This method of sleeping without crying for babies is worth trying

Babies cry when going to bed is indeed a natural thing. However, there are actually ways to make babies sleep without crying , you know . Want to know? Come on , see the way here.
The method of sleeping without crying or the no tears method is one method of putting the child to sleep by making children sleep soundly by themselves in situations that make them comfortable.

How to do the sleep method without crying

This method of sleeping without crying is useful for improving the quality of baby's sleep, while also reducing the stress felt by parents when putting the child to sleep.
Here's how to put a baby to sleep without crying, Mother and Father can try:

1. Create regular sleep schedules and rituals

Making a sleep schedule and performing rituals before going to bed is important when you want to apply the sleep method without crying to the baby. Set the same bedtime every day and do a habit before going to bed, for example reading a book or singing a song.
This will make the baby sleep more regularly every night. Implementing a regular sleep schedule can start from a 6-week-old baby.

2. Calm the baby when he wakes up in the middle of sleep

When Little One wakes up in the middle of his sleep, Mother and Father may calm him down by whispering a few words, like "ssssh" or " yuk , sleep again". Also, give it a soft touch.
If the baby or whining and crying when he wakes up, you should wait a while before holding him.

3. Consistent with the method chosen

Consistency is the main key that determines the success of the sleep method without crying. Consistent in doing this method will make the baby have a regular sleep pattern , and will sleep automatically when he is drowsy.
In addition to the methods above, Mother and Father need to create a comfortable sleeping atmosphere, by adjusting the room temperature, sound, and light in the room. This will make your child sleep easier.
Apply the method of sleep without crying consistently and regularly for at least three weeks. After that, assess whether this method is effective or not for the Little One. If he still cries when going to sleep, Mother and Father can consult a pediatrician about the method of sleep that should be applied.

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