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Thursday, July 11, 2019

When a child's skin is burned by the sun, this is what the mother needs to do

Child's skin can burn sun when playing outdoors, such as swimming pools and beaches. When a child's skin is sunburned, complaints of redness on the skin can arise, more fussing, and pain . To prevent a more serious effect, you need to know a few easy steps to help alleviate the condition.
Children's skin is still developing and more sensitive than adult skin. Child's skin can burn only in 15-30 minutes after exposure to sunlight without protection. Even so, this is generally only known a few hours later, when the skin is red and painful.

Tips to Overcome Child's Sunburned Skin

When Mother realizes the little skin is sunburned, do the following tips:

1. Keep children away from sun exposure

When the skin of the Little One is sunburned, immediately bring it to the shade. Besides being able to aggravate skin conditions, too long exposure to sunlight can also cause heat stroke and dehydration .

2. Give a lot of drink

Sunburned skin cannot store fluids properly. Therefore, when your skin is sunburned, try to drink more so that your body remains hydrated. Do this for 2-3 days because burning skin requires time to recover.

3. Ask the child to take a bath or soak

You can ask your child to take a bath or soak so that the condition of the burns improves. The water used should be rather cold, but don't use ice water.
If your child doesn't want to take a shower, you can compress the burned area of ​​the skin with a towel that has been dipped in cold water. This method can help absorb heat and relieve pain.

4. Apply aloe vera

The mother may also apply aloe vera gel to the skin of the Little One, to relieve discomfort, while accelerating the healing process. Choose a gel product that does not contain petroleum , because it can clog pores and make heat trapped inside the skin. In addition, avoid gels that contain benzocaine or lidocaine , because it can trigger allergies or irritation to the burned skin.

5. Give painkillers

To reduce pain, you can give your child over-the-counter pain relievers, such as paracetamol . When in doubt about the dosage and how to use it, you can consult with your doctor first.

6. Avoid breaking blisters

In conditions of more severe sunburn, blisters can develop. If it's like this, don't solve it, Mother, because it can trigger infection. After some time, this bubble will break itself.

7. Apply moisturizer when the skin is peeling

After 4-7 days, sunburned skin will usually peel off. Mother doesn't need to panic. This condition is part of the recovery process. The mother can apply moisturizer to relieve the itching that arises in this process. Choose moisturizers that are hypoallergenic (do not trigger allergies), are water-based, and are alcohol-free.
To prevent a child's skin from getting sunburned, parents need to limit the child's playing time outdoors during the day, and apply sunblock with SPF 30 before the child leaves the house.
Some of the above ways you can do, to deal with burning skin in children. But if the skin burns with severe pain, dizziness, weakness, fever, or nausea, immediately bring your child to the doctor to get treatment.

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